If you find you’re getting on a bit, and playing rugby every week is a bit too much, then there are plenty of ways to cope with your ‘retirement’…

1.First of all…take a break

You’ll be so used to playing every week, and training several times in between that it will do your body no harm whatsoever to have some time off. Take some time off, before your next foray into playing rugby.

2.Consider….the Vets

Yes, those creepy old buggers who are actually amongst the most knowledgeable players in a club. Yes they may not be able to run around constantly for 80 minutes, but what they lack in energy, they more than make up for in skill and craftiness, they also tend to be a bloody good laugh.


3.Enjoy your rugby…more

When you are playing rugby at a first team level, it can sometimes be hard to fully enjoy all the nuances of the game. By dropping down a team or two, you can relax a little more and enjoy some more ‘friendly’ banter during games.

4.Try not to compare yourself

Trying to do the things now, that you used to in your heyday is never going to fly. Instead focus on finding ways to make the most of your extensive experience instead of running around like a dog with a bone, and conserve those energy stores.


5.Consider joining the….front row union

You may have spent most of your days at full back, but as you’ve grown older, and wiser (rounder) you may find yourself more suited to scrapping it out in the scrum than having to worry about running 80 yards head-to-head against someone half your age.

6.Expand your presence within the club

Whether it be taking a position of ‘responsibility’ within the committee, or coaching one of the junior teams, there are plenty of options for remaining involved with your local rugby club, without having to actually lace up your boots every week.