Whether it be watching, playing or discussing, if you recognise most or all of these 9 signs then it’s likely you have rugbylust…

1.You follow more rugby accounts on social media than friends

Whether it be players, teams or news sites, you’re more interested in the latest rugby news, than anything your friends have been up to.

2.You specifically travel for rugby

Whether it be rugby tours, or simply a weekend away to follow your team, you actively organise trips to coincide with rugby.

3.You get depressed after a c**p game

If you’ve watched or played in a poor game of rugby, your whole weekend can be ruined as you wait for your next rugby fix.


4.Most people spend half their money on rent, you spend it on rugby

Whether it be new kit, replica shirts or match tickets, you clearly spend far too much of your income on rugby.

5.You know the pain of the World Cup wheel of death

You’ve sat at your desk for hours with three different devices loading the wheel of death on the World Cup ticketing site.

6.You record games…just in case

What if there’s nothing on TV to watch? Well at least you’ve got last year’s semi-final recorded to re-watch for the sixth time.


7.You are willing to spend longer travelling than watching to get to a game

It doesn’t matter if it takes your hours there, and four hours back, it’s more than worth it for that 80 minute fix of live action.

8.Discussions about football drive you crazy

You need to find a place other than the rugby club where everyone else is as mad about rugby as you are.

9.Bad taste is a relationship deal breaker

If they aren’t into rugby, or can’t at least accept your love for it, then your relationship doesn’t stand a chance.