Whether you love watching it or playing it, if you recognise these 15 signs, it’s likely you’re completely addicted to rugby…

1.You have considered starting a maul when stuck in a big queue

2.You’ve had a drink with one of your teams players at some stage

3.You actively seek out local rugby clubs when you go on holiday

4.Animals aren’t what spring to mind when you hear about Springboks and Wallabies

5.You have several pesky injuries that won’t go away thanks to rugby


6.You regularly toss things around in place of rugby balls just for a quick fix

7.You know that the name Tendai Mtawarira is pronounced BEAST

8.You spend time at the rugby club even when not playing/watching rugby

9.You find yourself at a total loss during the off-season

10.You still have tatty old rugby shirts because they remind you of a game


11.You long for the day when EA bother to create a new rugby game

12.You can actually handle your beer

13.You’ve cancelled plans so you can watch/play rugby

14.You get overly excited when you find a fellow rugby fan at work

15.You have endured the hellish experience of fitting a mouth guard using boiling water