Technology and new laws have significantly changed the modern game of rugby, meaning many younger players never experienced rugby as we knew it. Here are nine things modern rugby players will never be able to handle…


Ever felt hard studs being planted down on you as you deliberately lay across the bottom of a ruck? No? Didn’t think so!

2.Organising a game

Last minute calls to tell the bus to wait? No chance, no mobile phones meant you turned up on time or missed out!

3.Hot showers

Finding a club house with half decent showers still isn’t easy, but it used to be the equivalent of stumbling across a unicorn at your local park.


4.Cotton shirts

Ever tried playing in a proper cotton rugby shirt when it’s pi***ng down with rain and you’ve spent half an hour rolling in the mud?

5.Heavy balls

Even your little sister can chuck modern balls about – imagine playing with something akin to an oval brick, especially when it hit you in the face!

6.Cancelled games

Ever tried playing rugby in six inches of snow? Fair to say nobody had a bloody clue whether a try had been scored.



Believe it or not, scrums actually used to serve a purpose when players supported their own weight and contested for the ball.


Put down your protein shake, and get another pint down you lad, there’s nothing quite like hair of the dog to get you in the mood for a game.

9.Proper Kangaroo Courts

It seems the art of the season ending Kangaroo Court is somewhat diminishing with tamer ‘punishments’ being handed out.