7 Reasons Why The Rugby World Cup Is Becoming A Huge Joke


From ticketing failures to lop-sided pools, the 2015 Rugby World Cup seems to be lurching from one disaster to another…

1.Ridiculous ticketing systems

Whether it be five hour queues to get onto the ticket site, or touts buying up all of the available tickets, the World Cup has gone from one disaster to another in terms of ensuring fans can attend matches.

2.The outrageous cost

If by some miracle you do manage to get your hands on tickets for the tournament, the cost is enough for you to have to consider re-mortgaging your house. The cheaper ticket prices have been a total joke due to their limited availability.


3.Missing players

It looks likely that a number of key players from teams like Samoa, Fiji and Tonga are going to miss the tournament due to clubs pressuring them into ‘retiring’ from international rugby to ensure their club availability during the tournament.

4.The poor mix of locations

Why the hell is a World Cup based in England seeing a number of key matches played in Wales, whilst cities in the north are only receiving a handful of games. The number of matches taking place in London is absolutely ridiculous as well.

5.The choice of stadiums

For some reason, Welford Road has been overlooked for the Rugby World Cup, and instead the Wendyball ground up the road has been chosen instead. It’s no wonder fans in Leicester aren’t exactly flocking to buy tickets.


6.The lop-sided groups

It seems bizarre that three of the biggest sides in Australia, England and Wales have been drawn in the same group together, whilst other groups look like a walk in the park for the top ranked team given those teams in their group.

7.The corporate favouritism

It increasingly seems to be the case that tickets for key World Cup games are being held back for big corporate sponsors who have no great interest in the game, rather than for real fans who want to be there for the right reasons.




  1. Agreed on many of these points. It’s a nightmare created by RFU corporate boys. Let’s hope the actual refereeing in the matches we have been swindled for doesn’t go the way of 2011 where the home team basically paid their way to the trophy…

  2. If the Welsh could stop crying and remember they were rubbish at the time of the World Cup Draw seedings, that’d be great.

  3. 4) Pretty sure England made a deal with Wales that Wales would withdraw their big in exchange for some matches being played there, I don’t see why that’s a problem either, Millenium stadium is fantastic.

    5) Leicester City has a higher capacity. You can’t moan about not enough people being able to watch AND request smaller stadiums.

  4. Welford road was deemed to not have as good amenities as the football ground despite the fact they are just down the road from each other.

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