It’s likely that pretty much all rugby players, no matter their age, will have learnt these seven career lessons from playing the sport they love…

1.You learn to work with all different types of people

It’s fair to say that your prop is likely to have a pretty different personality type to a scrum half, so rugby definitely teaches you to get on with even the most weird and wonderful.

2.You know how to take criticism

At some stage or another you will have cocked up something out on the rugby field, and your coach and teammates won’t of been afraid to tell you how badly you screwed up.


3.You’re a team player

Whether it be defending as a line, or running a set piece move, rugby requires you to work within a strict team environment, and to perform your task to the best of your ability.

4.You’ve learned how to win – and lose – with grace

At times you will hand out a hammering, and at times you will be on the receiving end of a hammering, either way you still clap your opposition off the pitch.

5.You know when to have fun, and when to be serious

One of the great things about rugby is the social aspect, however as a player it is also key to know when to knuckle down and just get on with it.


6.You’re dedicated

It takes serious dedication to turn up most weeks and put your body through a game of rugby, especially when the c**p weather kicks in.


Whether it be listening to your team captain, or taking on board what the referee says, all rugby players learn to listen.