Unfortunately, most rugby players aren’t going to be able to make the step up to professional rugby, and therefore will have to find another way of making a living. However, just because these rugby players never quite made it to the top level, it doesn’t mean they can’t become integral to companies in other fields…

1.Rugby players are driven

It takes a special kind of commitment to go out week after week and put your body through a game of rugby, especially if you aren’t getting paid for it. This drive can carry over into work, making rugby players amongst some of the most driven employees within a company.

2.Rugby players can set challenging, yet realistic goals

Having spent years developing themselves as a player, spending time in the gym and out on the training field, rugby players have become accustomed to setting challenging goals that they know how to achieve.


3.Rugby players know how to be good teammates

As a sport, rugby is one of the most reliant on teams rather than individual talents. On that front, rugby players know how to perform their specific task to the best of their ability, whilst trusting those around them to do theirs.

4.Rugby players know how to perform under pressure

Competing at any level provides some form of pressure, and this is no different for rugby players. If you need someone who can not only handle pressure, but thrive when the heat is on, then look no further than a rugby player.


5.Rugby players are motivated

It takes a seriously motivated person to get up on a Saturday morning in the middle of winter and prepare themselves to travel potentially for several hours for a game in all kinds of conditions. This is precisely why you need a rugby player.

6.Rugby players are great at socialising

Whilst it’s important to work hard, having a good company culture is also key. Rugby players definitely know how to have fun and get along with others making them ideal for social events and keeping up staff morale.