Matt Banahan has come in for a great deal of criticism during his career, however this season he seems to have silenced many of the critics.

After an impressive season that has seen him help guide Bath to the Premiership final, is it now time for England to consider re-calling the giant English wing?

1. He’s proved he’s more than capable of scoring tries

Three tries in the Premiership semi-final recently show that he can be a deadly finisher when given the right tools inside of him.

2. His defence has improved significantly

One of the biggest complaints against Banahan has been his mixed form in defence, however this season he has improved notably in this area.

3. Size certainly isn’t an issue

At 6’7″ and weighing in at 17st 5lb, there’s no denying that Banahan is a big unit, making him ideal for facing up to the likes of George North.


4. He is flexible

Banahan has really flourished on the wing recently, but can also cover the centres and potentially even the back row at a push.

5. He has international experience

His 16 caps may pale compared to many of the wingers at this years World Cup, but it still gives him more experience than many of England’s current options out wide.

6. Club partnerships

The likes of George Ford and Jonathan Joseph look set to be key for England at the World Cup, so Banahan’s experience playing outside them this season could be key.


7. He’s capable of putting in some huge hits

Given his size, it’s no great surprise that Banahan is capable of putting in some monstrous hits such as the one below.

8. He’s capable of scoring international tries

He scored an average of one try every four games when playing for England despite being played in a variety of positions.