The guys at Monkey Nutrition recently contacted us in regards to reviewing a couple of their products, including APE and Primal26. Given that it is sevens season coming up, we thought it might be a great opportunity for us to try out some products that can help reduce body fat levels.

APE is a natural testosterone booster supplement, designed to stimulate muscle growth, and combat the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. The testosterone boosting qualities are therefore designed to not only increase muscle growth, but to also reduce body fat.

APE comes in a convenient tub, with 30 individuals packets, each containing 4 capsules, 2 soft gels and 2 tablets. Whilst it can be a bit daunting at first having to swallow 8 different capsules a day, you get used to it pretty quickly as they all go down fairly easily.

I used APE consistently over a 30 day training period during which time I noticed both visible gains in lean muscle mass, and some significant strength improvements. This did coincide with an upturn in training intensity, however I definitely feel APE played a part.

Whilst I did also make some minor improvements in my body fat percentage, this was fairly negligible, and would appear to be more down to upping my cardio, and improving my diet slightly, rather than through any supplementation.

At £28.99 a tub, APE comes in at just a little less than a pound per day which isn’t bad value, especially if you’re looking to up your training intensity for a month or two. I think much beyond this and you may not see too much value though.

I was also sent a tub of Primal26 which is a whey protein isolate shake that contains no fat or sugars. This obviously complimented my training goals, as I needed high quality protein, but without the added calories.

The first thing I noticed with the shake was that whilst the flavour was good, there was a slight after-taste thanks to the BCAA’s, although this is nothing compared to when I normally add BCAA powder to my shake which tastes worse than the devil’s arse.

Whilst taking Primal26 in combination with APE, as mentioned above I noticed some visible improvements in lean muscle mass, without gaining any additional fat. The shake also mixed incredibly well with no lumps which was a bonus.

At £17.95 for 14 servings, Primal26 definitely isn’t one of the cheaper shakes out there, however given its impressive nutritional profile it’s actually not bad value. It is ideal for anyone looking to try and improve their body composition, although Monkey do offer other shakes if you’re on a budget.

Overall I was impressed with the products from Monkey Nutrition, and will certainly be keen to try them again. I am definitely considering another month of APE to see if I can continue making the improvements I have seen of late.