If you’re ‘lucky’ enough to be married to, or dating a rugby player, then these nine tips should help you on your way…

1.Make sure they are always well fed

It is imperative to make sure your rugby player always has a full belly, particularly after a game, or else they may become grumpy and irrational.

2.Learn how to give a great massage

It doesn’t matter how bad of a mood your rugby player is in, if you can give a killer massage then you’re guaranteed to get them back on side.

3.When they whine, tell them how ‘big and strong they are’

They may act big and tough out on the field, but when they get home, make sure you tell your rugby player how tough they are when they complain about their injuries.

4.Don’t let them wear the same kit twice

Rugby players can be lazy sometimes, but at no stage should you allow them to leave the house with the intention of re-wearing dirty kit.

5.After a game let them off with being a bit scruffy

Whilst it might be nice to see your rugby player dressed up, after a game, tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt are the go to options.

6.Don’t ever compare rugby to other sports

Rugby is a unique game, that requires a unique shape and set of skills. Your rugby player will likely be very upset if you compare rugby to other sports.

7.Consider spraying them down before letting them enter the house

Even after a shower, they will likely still be smelly and caked in mud, so consider hosing them down before letting them anywhere near the house.