7 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Rugby Player


Rugby players are great for the right person, but here’s seven reasons why you shouldn’t even consider dating a rugby player…

1.With rugby players, disgusting habits are commonplace

Blowing snot out of their nose, picking scabs and farting are all regular occurrences.

2.Rugby players will brainwash you

They may not necessarily mean to, but they will eventually turn you in rugby nuts.

3.Rugby players get injured, and then they get bitchy

At some stage, rugby players will eventually get injured, then they will get annoyed.


4.Rugby players are absent for long periods of time

Whether it be training, games in obscure places or even tours, they can be away for a while.

5.Rugby players spend most of their discretionary income on…rugby

From new kit, to socials and tours, they will prioritise rugby every time.

6.They may be too tired to go out

Particularly after a game, it’s likely they will just want to sleep.

7.Their socials can get a bit out of hand

It’s inevitable at some stage they will stumble home rat-arsed.





  1. You clearly don’t know anything about rugby. So what if we fart?! That’s a normal human function you incompetent unpleasable sad excuse for a human. Rugby players are selfless people with a get-it-done mentality. They need to be to be able run into people for 80 minutes straight. If a rugby player was in a relationship and his/her hygiene habits were disgusting, that player would change his ways. Obviously, I myself am a player, so whoever reads this will likely label this as biased. But people, I emplor you: do not take my word for it. Find out for yourself and make your own opinion. Every player steps onto the field ready to sacrifice his body not just for his/her love for the sport of rugby, but also for the love of the team-the family with whom they sweat blood. With a rugby player, the family comes first, always.

  2. This is clearly a misconception due to one person, and or a rugger that dumped you because the reasons are obvious.
    1. We develop cleaning habits quickly in more cases than none. we know how dirty and stinky the sport is, and so apply it to everything else eventually.
    2. Rugby is simply the best sport. Best exercise. Best looking players. Best pairs of legs in short shorts. (Women and men). You arent being brainwashed, you are following your genome code of finding the best potential mate.
    3. Rugby players dont bitch and our world certainly does not stop because we have a bump or a bruise. They might require a massage or two, but we certainly are not american football players about our injuries.
    4. It is true that we may be gone for a long time for some games, but we typically invite our significant others. Plus, lets not forget that they say absence makes the heart grow fonder.
    5. As far as income goes, the biggest expense other than dues (~$350) will be a pair of decent cleats that range from $50 to $100; which will last at least one season. All in all, we’ll spend less $500 a year, while you pay ~$200 at your crossfit gym A MONTH!
    6. We are NEVER too tired to go out. We love to celebrate, whether its a win or a loss.
    7. When we are done with practice or games, we quickly turn off our rugby mindset. We go back to our loving and supporting families. They understand that we all have day to day work stuff, and this is an outlet for many. At the end of the day, its a hooligan sport played by gentlemen. Keyword: GENTLEMEN.


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