Rugby players are great for the right person, but here’s seven reasons why you shouldn’t even consider dating a rugby player…

1.With rugby players, disgusting habits are commonplace

Blowing snot out of their nose, picking scabs and farting are all regular occurrences.

2.Rugby players will brainwash you

They may not necessarily mean to, but they will eventually turn you in rugby nuts.

3.Rugby players get injured, and then they get bitchy

At some stage, rugby players will eventually get injured, then they will get annoyed.


4.Rugby players are absent for long periods of time

Whether it be training, games in obscure places or even tours, they can be away for a while.

5.Rugby players spend most of their discretionary income on…rugby

From new kit, to socials and tours, they will prioritise rugby every time.

6.They may be too tired to go out

Particularly after a game, it’s likely they will just want to sleep.

7.Their socials can get a bit out of hand

It’s inevitable at some stage they will stumble home rat-arsed.