There are certain things that all rugby players will experience the day after a game, here are 13 of the most common…

1.Movement of any kind is going to cause you some serious pain

2.Even going to the toilet will be a massive chore

3.It’s likely you’ll discover new muscles due to some of the aches

4.You’ll be finding cuts and bruises in the strangest of places


5.No matter how much you eat, you won’t stop being hungry

6.The result from the game will completely dictate your mood

7.It’s also pretty likely everyone you meet will ask did you win?

8.If you won, then you’ll be desperate to get out and do something


9.If you lost though, you’ll likely spend the day moping

10.You’ll definitely be checking how the result affects the league

11.At some stage you’re going to have to deal with yesterdays kit

12.And no matter what you do, it’s guaranteed to smell like death

13.No matter what, you’ll be desperate for next weeks game to come around