For some reason, there still remains certain misconceptions about rugby that all players will hate, here are eight of the worst…

1.It’s only for boys

You couldn’t be more wrong!

2.League and Union are virtually the same

When in fact, they are about as different as basketball and football

3.Rugby players just run into each other

Have you ever heard of Shane Williams?

4.You are the next Jonny Wilkinson

As cool as that might be, it aint gonna happen.


5.All rugby players do is drink

Not strictly true (although not far off).

6.Rugby isn’t hard

If you hear anyone say this, move on as they’re clearly not worth your time.

7.You have to be HUGE

Again, not strictly true, although it does help

8.Anyone can do it

Although anyone can play rugby, it’s unlikely they could do half the stuff you do.