rugby training

It doesn’t matter where you play your rugby, it’s likely that in training you’ve come across some, if not all of these types of players…

1.The Cheerleader

Excessively positive, overly cheery and always optimistic despite usually being a bit s**t.

2.The Rager

Easy to spot a mile off. Always seems to be preparing for a fight, even in non-contact drills.

3.The ‘Model’

Training hard is important, but look good whilst doing it is more important.

4.The “I Got This”

No task seems to much, yet somehow they usually end up screwing it up despite the bravado.

5.The Rugby Store

Seems to have every bit of kit imaginable in three different colours and sizes.


6.The Competitor

Sees every drill in training as a race and therefore usually end up knackered halfway through.

7.The Yapper

Doesn’t seem to know when to shut up and therefore usually has to ask for instructions twice.

8.The ‘I Thought They Quit’

Turns up to training once a season, and rarely manages more than a handful of games.

9.The Glass

It only takes a stiff breeze, or a stern glance for them to end up out injured for six months.

10.The Sloth

Seems permanently half asleep and tries to get away doing the bare minimum in every drill.


11.The Assistant Coach

Despite usually starting off the bench, always has to chime in during training with ‘suggestions’.

12.The Die Hard

Trains like an absolute animal, but when it comes game time, never quite seems up to the task.

13.The Glory Hunter

Does bugger all for most of training, but tries to pull off one outrageous piece of skill each week.

14.The Sweater

Only has to think about running before sweating profusely and reeking of BO.