There are so many reasons rugby is the greatest sport in the world. Here are 12 ways in which rugby players do it better than any other sportsmen…

1.Rugby is something you can pick up at any age

It doesn’t matter if you’re 3 year old, or 83 years old, there’s always an opportunity to play rugby.

2.We have simple pleasures

A cold beer with the opposition after a game is enough reward for 80 minutes of panting out of our arses.

3.One big play is like hitting the reset button on life

All your worries seem to disappear after making that first big hit, or line break during a game.

4.The camaraderie

Whether between teammates, or opponents, there is a degree of camaraderie in everything we do.


5.Rugby tours

It doesn’t matter where you go, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life.

6.You get to unplug

No TV, no phones, just you, a group of mates, and 15 other b******d between you and victory!

7.Complete strangers will cheer for you

They may not support your team, but if you pull off a big hit, or brilliant break, it’s likely even opposition fans will cheer

8.We wear short shorts

There’s nothing like the freedom of wearing tiny shorts!


9.Show respect

Between calling the ref ‘sir’ and applauding the opposition off the pitch, there’s respect everywhere you look in rugby

10.It keeps you fit

Most rugby players probably don’t do much other than a game on a Saturday, so it’s a great way to stay ‘fit’

11.It breeds confidence

Whether it’s confidence in your abilities, or confidence around others, rugby is a great proving ground

12.The banter

Some of it may be absolutely terrible, however there’s no doubting that rugby players have great fun doing it