There are certain things that every rugby player will absolutely hate, here are 11 of the worst…

1.The smell

No matter what you do, rugby kit always stinks!

2.”But aren’t all rugby players fat?”

Have you seen Dan Carter recently?

3.”You should have done it like this”

“Go on then, put your kit on and show me!”


4.New boots on hard ground

You’ve never known pain like it!

5.Sweating after a game

There’s just no way to make it stop

6.The Six Nations

Where do all these ‘fans’ suddenly come from?

7.Saying ”good job” after a bad game

Don’t try to make me feel better after that s**t



They’re inevitable, but frustrating nonetheless

9.Cuts & bruises

No I wasn’t in a fight last night

10.”You’re going to eat all of that?”

Yes, yes I am!


We love it…and we hate it.