There are a millions and one reasons why you should be dating a rugby player, but here are our top thirteen to get you started…

1.They’re low maintenance

You’re not likely to find them asking how their hair looks, or constantly glimpsing at themselves in mirrors, frankly they don’t give a s**t what others think.

2.They’re tough

Yes, playing rugby is as rough as it looks. That means rugby players will be able to deal with anything you can throw at them.

3.They don’t take themselves too seriously

You’re not going to have to worry about offending them, or saying the wrong thing. Rugby players are generally pretty easy going.

4.They’re easily entertained

Got something you want to get done? No problem, just stick the rugby on and they’ll keep themselves occupied for hours.


5.They’re confident

It’s pretty rare you come across a rugby player whose lacking in self-confidence, so you’re not going to have to deal with awkward silences.

6.They’re athletic

Yes, not every rugby player looks like an underwear model, however even the props may surprise you with their stamina.

7.They’re driven

Anyone who takes to a rugby field has a desire to succeed – this translates off the pitch as well, into careers and family life.

8.They’re supportive

(Not just at the set piece). They’re used to playing as part of a team so are already adept at helping others.


9.They can hold their booze

You’re not going to have to worry about getting your rugby player home after a heavy night, if anything it will be them making sure you get back safely.

10.They have their own social circle

There’s no need to worry about dating a rugby player whose clingy, or always around. They have their own social circle at the rugby club.

11.They’re not afraid to get their hands dirty

Need a bit of DIY doing round the house? You’re not going to have any troubles if you’re dating a rugby player.

12.They look good in shorts

There’s no denying that playing rugby is good for those legs. It doesn’t matter which player you date, they’ll be guaranteed to look good in shorts.

13.They love rugby

What better reason could there be?