It doesn’t matter what level you play at, all rugby players will have regularly encountered these fifteen problems…

1.Trying to sit on the toilet the morning after a game

2.Having to warm up half dressed because the kit is ‘on its way’


4.Cuts and bruises everywhere

5.The horrific blisters when the ground starts to harden up

6.Protein farts

7.Finding clothes that actually fit your weird body shape

8.Trying to make the same pair of shorts last for 10 years

9.Travelling to the arse-end of nowhere only to find the game has been called off

10.Forgetting to wash your kit and having to wear it two weeks in a row

11.Explaining what the hell happened on last weekends tour

12.Getting up after a heavy night on Friday, only to realise the game starts in an hour

13.Knowing whether to reach for a beer or protein shake first

14.Forgetting your towel and having to dry yourself with dirty kit

15.Trying to justify a sick day on Friday despite wanting to play on Saturday