rugby girl

For a rugby fan, there’s nothing better than finding a rugby mad girl to date, here’s why…

1.Surprising her won’t be hard, just take her to the rugby – job done.

2.There won’t be any arguments over what to watch on the TV

3.She won’t give a damn what anyone else thinks about her

4.It’s guaranteed she’ll be ultra-competitive in everything she does

5.There won’t be any issues in sharing large quantities of food

6.She’ll probably have bags of self-confidence

7.She won’t be afraid to play a bit rough from time to time


8.At no stage will you have to explain any of the rules to her

9.You can take her out with your friends with no worries about her fitting in

10.You’ll never have trouble playing on a Saturday because she will be too

11.When she’s around it’s guaranteed you’ll up your game

12.You can toss things around the house like a rugby ball whenever you like

13.An away game can be justified as a genuine holiday

14.She’ll know exactly what to get you for your birthday