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Wales and Lions legend JPR Williams insists the switch from the old club system never worked and that the current system equates to ‘pouring money down the drain’.

Lions legend JPR Williams has slammed regional rugby and believes the current system should be reduced to two teams, one in East Wales and one in the west.

Williams is dismissive of the current system and believes there is an apathy towards regional rugby with supporters still pledging their allegiance to the clubs.

This is despite a record 52,000 fans turning up for Judgement Day last weekend, when the four Welsh regions played each other.

Williams believes halving the amount of regional teams will double the quality.

“I think regional rugby has been a disaster, personally,” said Williams, who won 55 caps for Wales and was part of two Lions series-winning sides in 1971 and 1974.

“You look at the crowds and people don’t want to support the regions, they want to support the clubs.


“I have changed my mind now and believe we should have two regional sides in East and West Wales because you need that step up.

“I have thought long and hard about this. That’s what I would like to see but I doubt it will happen.

“Regions were brought in for finance reasons but it’s been a financial disaster and you can’t keep on pouring money down the drain.

“If you had two regions you would cut everything by half but double the quality.

“Underneath, you would have eight clubs with promotion and relegation to provide competition.

“It would be a step between club and international rugby and we would improve our performances in Europe.”

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