Is Cian Healy The Best Ball Carrying Prop In The World Right Now?


Watch this impressive highlights reel of Ireland and Leinster prop Cian Healy, and decide if you think there is a better ball carrying prop in the world right now…






  1. No he isnt, logovi’i mulipola on the other hand….

    • I disagree, Logovi’i Mulipola clearly has incredible strength but I don’t think he displays the same athleticism as Healy who can keep himself on his feet even when you think someone his size can only topple. I also reckon his tackling sets a much better example to young rugby players- proper straight-up tackles rather than shoulder barge boshing IMO. Not detracting from Mulipola though- he is a total beast

  2. Eoghan O'Sullivan

    Yeah He is, props shouldn’t be able to step like that, the fact that He consistently turns tightheads into origami swans is also a definite plus though.

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