At one stage or another in our lives, we’ve all been forced to play a bit of rugby league (most likely in school). As a result it’s likely you’ll have had these 12 thoughts…

1.”Pass the ball, off-load, oh god, not again”

It’s like they actually enjoy just running straight into each other

2.”I have to do what now? No!”

They made six tackles so I have to give them the ball back?

3.”I really wish they allowed turnovers”

That ball looks rife for the pilfering

4.”Sorry Sir”

I couldn’t help myself when I saw the ball on the floor like that

5.”I can wear moulded studs?”

No blisters for me this summer!


6.”Can that really be classified as a tackle?”

It looked more like something I used to watch on WWE

7.”Jesus Christ, I’m absolutely knackered”

You have to give it to them, league players tend to be pretty damn fit

8.”This is still better than football”

Rugby > football

9.”You’re taking a shot at the posts from there?”

Oh no, you’re just kicking off

10.”I really miss Union right now”

You just can’t beat it

11.”Call that a scrum”

That’s just an organised group hug