The half back positions often attract the glory boys, however this isn’t always the case. Here are nine types of player you find at half back in rugby…

1. The Sportsman

The Sportsman is the kind of player who can turn their hand to any sport and excel. They therefore often find themselves in the most pivotal role on the field where they can maximise their skillset…

2. The Stand-In

Often common in the second and third teams, the stand-in is not a natural half back, yet is forced into the position when there are no regulars available. Doesn’t do a bad job, but never looks entirely comfortable either.

3. The Prop

Usually an older player looking to re-discover their glory days. Despite baring a striking physical resemblance to a prop, the Prop has actually player 9 or 10 their whole lives, and refuses to give up the shirt despite their obvious limitations.


4. The Gob Sh**e

He who shouts loudest often gets what they want – in this case the starting 9 or 10 shirt. Despite clearly having no discernible talent, the gob sh**e more than makes up for this by shouting louder than anyone else.

5. The Stepping Stone

A youth player who has shown enough talent to make the step up to senior rugby often in the second team. They are often half the age of any other player and lack experience, but make up for it with youthful exuberance.

6. The Boot

Due to having literally no rugby brain whatsoever, The Boot resort to kicking the ball at every possible opportunity. Often overlooking clear try scoring opportunities in favour of a kick to touch, The Boot is a pain in everyone’s arse.


7. The Wimp

The Wimp is often a talented rugby player, yet as soon as it comes to any kind of physical contact, they’re nowhere to be seen. They then become a target for strike runners who barrel straight over them with glee.

8. The Idiot

The Idiot is so desperate to play at half back that they are willing to step down a team in order to wear the 9 or 10 shirt, rather than playing first team rugby in a position that suits them much better.

9. The Runner

The Runner has completely the opposite problem of The Boot. Instead of getting rid of the ball when they should, they will try to run from literally anywhere on the pitch and often find themselves in trouble.