At some stage, pretty much every rugby player should have made at least one of these apologies to their team mates…

1.Sorry about using up all of the tape before the games even kicked off

2.Sorry about the absolutely terrible banter

3.Sorry I didn’t bother to shower or brush my teeth before turning up to a full contact warm-up before a game

4.Sorry that whenever I wash the kit it smells even worse than before I put it in the washing machine

5.Sorry that you took more of that hit than the opposition during that tackle

6.Sorry I never bother to actually turn up to training, there just always seems to be something better to do

7.Sorry that I couldn’t be arsed to get back into the defensive line for that last try


8.Sorry about what I did on last night’s social, I’d really appreciate it if we never speak of it again

9.Sorry that your head got stuck between my excessively sweaty legs during that ruck

10.Sorry about that truly god awful last pass, I have absolutely no idea what in the hell I was thinking

11.Sorry that I always seem to turn up to games with a stinking hangover

12.Sorry that I got in the middle of that set-piece move and completely cocked it up

13.Sorry that I got the last of the hot water out of the clubs one working shower

14.Sorry that I talked backed to the referee and got myself sent to the sin bin during the most important game of the season