We take a look at some of the things you’ll regularly find rugby players saying, versus what they actually mean…

1.When props say “how long left sir” – Translation: “how much longer do I have to go on feeling like my lungs are about to burst”

2.Saying “not to worry” when someone apologies for a late tackle, despite knowing you’ll be gunning for them for the rest of the game

3.”Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt” – Translation: It feels like someone just ripped your friggin’ leg off, but nothings going to stop you finishing this game!

4.”I’m going to need a drink after this” – Translation: I plan on drinking my own bodyweight in beer

5.”I used to be a winger” – Translation: now the only position I can adequately play is prop

6.Saying “good game” to the opposition despite knowing they were absolute c**p


7.”That guys huge” – Translation: he better not come down my bloody channel

8.Replying “yes Sir” to the official, even though he blatantly made the wrong call

9.”It’s the performance that counts” – Translation: you were s**t today

10.”I’ll see you at training on Thursday” – Translation: there’s no way in hell I’m coming to training

11.Telling your fly-half “not to worry about it” despite having just missed a sitter right in front of the posts

12.”That’s going to hurt in the morning” – Translation: get up and get on with it

13.”Whose got the water?” – Translation: it feels like there’s a desert in my mouth