Six Nations Round 5 was amazing with all three games featuring plenty of tries as Wales, Ireland and then England all chased point’s differential to help them claim the title.  This was the most exciting round of Six Nations 2015, by far, with some of the early rounds featuring boring matches between teams too afraid to run the ball for fear of losing, so instead they would kick away front foot ball, or take the tackle rather than using an overlap, but what would happen if they used the Rugby Championship, Super Rugby, ITM Cup or Rugby World Cup points scoring system with four points for a win, but one bonus point for scoring four tries or losing by seven points or less?

For the record, Ireland, England and Wales would all end up on 18 points anyway, but the intriguing thing to realise is that despite having Italy and Scotland in mediocre form during the tournament, it wasn’t until the last round, that Ireland and Wales scored four tries in a game, while England scored four tries twice in the competition.

Six Nations 2015 Alternative Points Table

Ireland 18

England 18

Wales 18

France 11

Italy 4

Scotland 3


The benefits of bonus points system

One can only imagine what a great competition the Six Nations would be, if every week teams get rewarded for scoring four tries in a match, by receiving an additional bonus point.  Teams would play with more urgency like they did in the final round.  All three winners in the final round of games scored four tries or more, while France also got a bonus point for scoring four tries or more.

There is also an incentive for losing teams to not throw in the towel.  Scotland for example, could have passed Italy today by scoring four tries and within seven points, to avoid the wooden spoon.  England could have got a bonus point against Ireland when they played, which would have given them the overall title.

Finally, it would keep the Six Nations teams used to what is used in other competitions like the Rugby World Cup, Rugby Championship, Super Rugby and ITM Cup.


The negatives of bonus points system

You can end up with teams with less wins finishing above teams with more wins on bonus points.  A team like Scotland may get less chance to score four tries in a game because their home games are played in damp, heavy conditions.  It is also more complicated for purists.  There are more opportunities for teams to finish tied on points with the current Six Nations point’s scoring system of two for a win.  It is also easy for everyone to understand.

Do you think the Six Nations Championship should keep the same point’s table scoring system or change to what the Rugby World Cup, Super Rugby, Rugby Championship and ITM Cup use?