We take a look at the 14 things that continually confuse the hell out of rugby fans around the world…

1.How referee’s decide which side to award a penalty to when a scrum collapses

2.Why teams seem to be doing away with traditional cotton replicas

3.Why Sky continue to persist with Stuart Barnes as a commentator

4.Why it’s necessary to pay a subscription TV full of football just for the odd game of rugby

5.Wingers who wear head guards

6.Why officials don’t seem capable of refereeing the put in at the scrum

7.Why yellow cards are so often based on outcome rather than offence


8.How the hell Mathieu Basteraud is a centre and not a prop

9.Why Nick Cummins doesn’t have his own reality show yet

10.Why the TMO has to check a blatant try 20 times from 20 different angles

11.How to get hold of tickets for the Rugby World Cup

12.Why (most) rugby players suddenly seem so boring in interviews

13.Why Brian O’Driscoll hasn’t been crowned King of Ireland

14.People who don’t love rugby