Virtually all British rugby fans will likely find they have these thirteen struggles in common…

1.Having best friends who aren’t as obsessed with rugby as you are

2.You use rugby references in everyday conversations but people rarely catch on

3.Trying to keep your cool when people claim rugby is “too boring”

4.Having to explain to non-rugby fans that league and union are as different as rugby and football

5.You cancel your Friday night plans to watch the opening of the Six Nations


6.Explaining how the “out on the full” rule works to anyone

7.Taking out a sports channel subscription only to be presented with hours upon hours of football

8.Coming to terms with BOD and Wilko retiring in the same season

9.The realisation that you are now too old to play rugby to a professional standard…

10….then realising your teams starting fly half is younger than you


11.Coming to terms with the end of the rugby season

12.Dealing with plastic fans who only come out when big internationals are on

13.Trying to get hold of tickets for the World Cup that don’t involve re-mortgaging your house

Any others to add?