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In a recent interview with Mens Health, England back rower James Haskell revealed his daily supplement plan during the season. Below is an outline of the 29-year-olds supplement intake that’s easy enough for anyone to follow (although a bit on the price side)…



Designed for helping improve gut health and the absorption of key vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin D

There are a number of benefits to Vitamin D including increased bone density and improved moods.


A good quality multivitamin will help your body recover and remain healthy even when training.

Coconut Oil

The medium chain triglyceride’s in Coconut Oil are used as fuel for the body unlike in other oils.

Omega 3

A good fish oil supplement will help to keep your joints in good condition, especially in rugby.

Hydration Tablet

Over night you can sweat quite a lot so it is important to replace the lost electrolytes.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine acts as a lactic acid buffer to allow you to train longer and harder.


Glutamine performs a number of vital functions including growth, recovery and repair of muscle tissue.




A good pre-workout formula will help improve your performance both mentally and physically.


Branched Chain Amino Acids help to repair damaged muscle fibres & stop the breakdown of muscle.

Whey Protein & Carbs

A recovery shake containing a dose of protein and some clean carbs is ideal for aiding recovery.



Zinc With Vitamin C

Zinc has been shown to help improve your sleep whilst Vitamin C can boost your immune system.


A Casein shake provides a slow release protein that drip-feeds your body nutritions overnight.

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