Anyone whose ever been on a rugby team is guaranteed to get all 17 of these points below…

1.Even if you don’t see each other over the whole off-season, when you get back into pre-season it will be like you were never apart

2.Introducing a new player into the team is always messy…

3….although you can guarantee they will be made to feel welcome as soon as they step foot inside the club

4.If someone does something stupid it’s inevitable the whole team will find out before the next game/practice…

5….however you can rest assured that nobody will judge you no matter how stupid you’ve been

6.Your in-jokes are so old that you can’t remember the origins of most of them


7.You know that out on the field you have fourteen other players who have your back at every turn

8.You are obliged to turn up to any events hosted by the club, but will always have a good time because you’re with your best mates

9.Going on your first rugby tour together is guaranteed to be an experience

10.If you win then nothing can beat that feeling in the changing room after a game…

11…lose though and each and every one of you will be inconsolable for at least the next few hours

12.Going on rugby socials is guaranteed to result in raucous singing and to make your cheeks hurt you laugh so hard


13.You’ve all wing-manned for one another on nights out

14.Absolutely no topics of conversation are off limits

15.Some of the terminology you use with one another in conversation will seem like a foreign language to outsiders

16.You’ve had countless conversations that begin “So which of us will be the first to…”

17.You know that deep down each and every one of them has huge respect for you (no matter how crap you are) and you feel the same way about them