Is This The Greatest Rugby School Of All Time?


A look back over the past decade at Bishops Rugby School where some of rugby’s top stars have grown up…






  1. Bishops??! Greatest rugby school of all time?? You’re smoking your socks?

    • In loose play,moron! Read.

      • Did you or are you attending Bishops by any chance?

        I could tell you the same thing about “reading”, except i’m not going to call you a moron.

        Read the heading, “Is This The Greatest Rugby School Of All Time?” No reference to loose play.

        Show me where it is actually stated “In loose play”. I watched this video a while a go so I’m happy to concede this if it does actually say it in the video. However, drawing that conclusion from scoring the most tries in 3 seasons is quite a stretch considering that we talking about more than 100 years of history.

  2. Glad I watched that. Nice team play, support and running.

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