Belgian rugby side Royal Kituro beat their rivals Soignies 356-3 in a game that saw them score 56 tries and 38 conversions.

In contrast the visiting side managed a lone drop goal after having problems when the referee failed to turn up on time. The away team’s coach, along with most of their players then left, assuming the game would be re-scheduled.

The referee did however appear, more than an hour late, meaning the game went ahead. This meant Soignies has only 16 players available, however they had to contest the game or risk missing out on a ‘losers point’.


Soignies president Guy Calomme described the result as “catastrophic”, whilst a Kituro spokeswoman said Soignies “didn’t really play”. In the footage above you can see how the away team simply allow the opposition to run past them uncontested, resulting in them repeatedly touching down under the posts.

Despite Royal Kituro’s monstrous victory, they still sit one point below Soignies in the league. Soignies now occupy third place with a points difference of minus 264.