Rugby fans around Europe have unanimously decided Wales’ current most valuable player after round one of the Six Nations, and it’s not who you might think…

After an outstanding effort in the second half of their defeat to England at the Millennium Stadium, fans have agreed that the right hand post was the stand-out player for Wales during the clash.


The post put in a huge hit on England flanker James Haskell to narrowly deny him a try late in the second half that would have sealed the win for England.

You can see the post in action above as it puts in the kind of hit that its fellow teammates completely failed to make. Not only that but it left the self-declared Archbishop of Banterbury looking like a right t*t after he was stopped by an inanimate object.

Unfortunately the posts heroic efforts weren’t enough to earn its side a victory in their opening Six Nations game, however there are already calls for the post to replace the ineffectual Alex Cuthbert next week against Scotland.