The Six Nations may not always display the greatest rugby in the world, but for these six reasons we think it could be the greatest sporting tournament in the world…

1.The Rivalries

Possibly the greatest thing about the Six Nations is the rivalries that occur every year. Whilst other competitions contain rivalries, there is no other competition in the world that pits international sides against one another in such a confined area of the planet. This means old rivalries continue to reign supreme as there is so much national pride at stake.

2.The Fans

Given the close proximity of all the sides involved, it means fans of each nation always travel in significant numbers to every game. Having so many travelling fans sitting alongside fans of the home side creates an incredible atmosphere which remains unrivalled anywhere else in the world.

3.The Competition

Unlike many top international sporting events, at least half, if not more of those competing in the Six Nations are genuinely capable of winning the title. Whilst Ireland, Wales and England are likely to battle it out, there’s always an outside shot France might do some damage, whilst there are always plenty of upsets to keep things interesting.


4.It’s All On Terrestrial TV

There is an increasing trend in almost every major global sport for the biggest tournaments to appear on subscription TV services. For the time being at least the Six Nations will remain on terrestrial TV meaning it is accessible for all fans and only helps to heighten the tournaments appeal by drawing in casual observers.

5.The Passion

Given the intense local rivalries involved in the Six Nations it is inevitable that passions run high, not just amongst the fans, but also through the players. It’s rare to see players not being completely emotionally invested whilst belting out their national anthems, or fans fervently cheering their side on to victory.

6.The Action

Whilst the rugby on show may not always be quite of the quality witnessed in the Southern Hemisphere, it is still top notch rugby. The fact that players become so emotionally charged during games also means that we tend to see some of the biggest hits around whilst there are also plenty of great tries on show.

Do you think the Six Nations is the greatest sporting tournament on earth?