Taff luck- This Wales rugby union fan is either upset at their 2011 World Cup loss to France - or at being the only bloke in the picture who doesn't have a beer

Here’s our list of the 14 worst things that can possibly happen to a rugby fan, agree?

1.Spending all day avoiding finding out the score of a game so you can watch the replay later only to have some idiot accidentally tell you the result minutes before you’re due to watch it

2.The day you realise they your favourite rugby shirt no longer fits you…

3….or even worse the day when it gets snagged in the washing machine and becomes completely unwearable

4.Starting a new job only to find out that all they ever talk about in the office is sodding bloody football and most of them don’t have the slightest clue about rugby

5.Having to deal with the nonsense spouted by all the fair-weather fans whenever a major tournament comes on

6.Finally taking your non-rugby loving friend to a game that turns out to be a complete dud and then having to try and explain it’s not usually that boring

7.That realisation that the season has ended and now you might have to spend your weekends not doing anything rugby related for a few months


8.Applying for virtually every Rugby World Cup game you can only to be told you didn’t win anything in the stupid bloody ballot…

9….finding out that tickets for the games you did apply for are now available on resale sites…..for four times the price

10.Realising you can’t make the game this weekend because of some stupid family or work commitment you don’t even remember making

11.The day your favourite player retires or worse yet, leaves for another team

12.Managing to get the game on the TV but having someone talk to you throughout the whole game about something not related to rugby

13.Trying to time your trips to the toilet with breaks in play, only to find everyone else had the same idea so there is now a massive queue

14.Generally just being forced to do anything that isn’t rugby related