American Football vs Rugby – The Ultimate Comparison


The YOG blog compares American Football to Rugby to find out which one has more YOG appeal. This comparison of the two sports covers all angles.






  1. Same Tackles ! the only difference = Rugby have no armor !!! so yeah American Football = Pussy xD

    • What a stupid thing to say.

    • armor? what is this… the middle-ages? xD

    • all i have to say is that in american football they hit harder, their quicker, theres a lot more strategy to the game as well….i love rugby but in general american football takes it all.

      • If you think there is less strategy in rugby then you’re probably playing the game wrong…

      • i don’t even know how you can come to the conclusion that american football is faster or that it requires more strategy. Rugby is an ongoing game of 80 minutes (with a 15 minute break at half time) that requires key players such as the hooker, scrum half and fly half to coordinate everyone to be able to create a move that will break the oppositions line. In american football you get a ball and either throw it to the person in space or run and hope that you will make it. Furthermore, american football has 4 quarters of 15 minutes though the clock gets stopped so much that it can last up to 3 hours.


  3. Leighton Williams

    One small point, a big chunk of the tackles were Canadian football not American football.

  4. Played both over many years, hits were always harder in American football even at amateur level. Fitness levels generally much higher too. Difference in pro game is now much smaller. Overall, I preferred Sunday afternoons running around being able to level whoever I chose to

  5. Yondaimehokage1234

    Psh Rugby needs skills to actually tackle a person. American football you just run willy nilly into some asshole at full pelt, no skill needed.

  6. Based on the photo only….why are the American footballers wearing all their protective gear? I find American Football boring as shit….nearly as boring as Soccer.

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