We find 11 reasons why it’s ‘great’ being a scrum half…

1.Finding a shirt that fits is never likely to be a problem

2.You can squeeze through the smallest of gaps with ease

3.If you make a big hit you will get considerable more praise than any other player on the pitch

4.You’ll never ever be asked to play in the pack, even when injuries strike…..NEVER!

5.You can say all sorts of stupid s**t because no one takes any notice of what you say anyway


6.Your team mates generally won’t notice if you completely disappear during a game

7.You’re always guaranteed a lift to games because you can fit in even the smallest of cars

8.You can get away with being lazy because other players will help you with any physical task

9.You’re pretty much guaranteed a pat on the head whenever you manage to do something right

10.It’s easy to find cheap boots as yours are the only ones left at the end of the sales

11.You can start scraps because everyone assumes it was the other player who started it

What others ‘perks’ are there to being a scrum half?