If you’ve ever been to a live rugby match it’s pretty likely you’ve never uttered these 17 sentences…

1.I do wish the referee would use the TMO more often

2.If only more people tried to get to their middle row seat 10 minutes after kick-off

3.I’m so glad we booked tickets on the very top row, all those stairs provide a great workout

4.I really wish it was more like football where you can’t take drinks onto the terrace

5.It was so intimidating being sat next to all those opposition fans

6.You know what this stadium really needs…segregated seating

7.They should definitely turn the volume of the music up right before kick-off


8.Oh don’t worry, you stay in my seat whilst I go and try to find another

9.If only the players spent more time rolling around on the floor pretending to be injured

10.I love not being able to hear what the referee is speaking to the TMO about

11.My favourite bit was when they spent five minutes re-setting that one scrum

12.I think that play should definitely give the referee a piece of their mind


13.The food from the kiosk under the stand was steaming hot and absolutely delicious

14.I don’t think we made enough noise during that conversion attempt

15.If only I felt more comfortable bringing my family with me to the rugby

16.I hate it when they make such big hits

17.I’m so glad the guy in front caught the ball before or I could

What else are you unlikely to ever hear a rugby fan say?