huget dive

After seeing Toulouse winger Yoann Huget’s theatrical dive against Bath this weekend we have come up with seven potentially hilarious punishments for his football-esque play-acting…

For those who haven’t yet seen his embarrassing play acting yet check out the video below…

1.Make him play the rest of the season in just a pair of Speedos in order to highlight his preference for diving over rugby.


2.Ban him for six months and make him watch every game from the side lines in a high chair to highlight what a cry baby he is.

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3.For the rest of the season he has to hit the deck whenever the referee blows the whistle so nobody forgets his terrible behaviour.

Funny side of Olympic diving


4.Make him cut the grass at every pitch used in the Six Nations with just a pair of scissors.


5.Force him to wear a full England football kit during all press conferences, media days and photo shoots for the next six months.

full kit

6.Make him watch repeats of Tom Daley’s reality TV series during each Top 14 game between now and the end of the season.

tom daley

7.Have him sponsored by a brand of adult diapers for the duration of his career so every time he scores he’s reminded of his most embarrassing moment.

adult diapers


What other hilarious punishments could be handed down to Huget to discourage others from diving?