rugby social

Rugby socials are truly a thing of beauty (at least to those involved in one) and in order to make sure yours goes to plan its likely to bear witness to these 12 events…

1.A boat race will occur no matter what, especially should there be another rugby team within shouting distance at any point during the evening,

2.At least one person will attempt to perform some kind of rugby move no matter how inebriated they are, usually this results in drunken scrums or line out lifts.

3.Sporadic singing of ‘classics’ is mandatory at every available opportunity, no matter how quiet the bar or restaurant you are in is.


4.Inevitably someone gets left behind at some stage, however unlike out on the field it becomes every man for himself so they get left behind.

5.Embarrassing or humiliating teammates is essential at every possible opportunity, especially should they be trying to chat someone up.

6.No matter how long you spent in the shower someone will inevitably notice a bit of mud still left on your face from that afternoons game.


7.At certain stages in the night everyone will be exceptionally cautious for falling prey to some form of punishment based drinking game.

8.Someone will always have to leave before things really get interesting as the result of a particularly overbearing partner or spouse.

9.An argument with a bouncer will occur at some stage, surely it’s not that unreasonable to let you and 30 other drunken rugby players into the bar is it?


10.Somebody (usually a back) will wear something so outlandishly stupid that they will never live it down for the rest of their time at the club.

11.Downing contests are an inevitable part of the night and will almost exclusively be won by the front row – additional cheers will occur should a back prove to have a talent in this area however.

12.The end of the night is signalled by the mass consumption of ‘drunk food’ in a bid to ease the next day’s hangover, even though it usually results in feeling even worse the morning after the night before.

What other things can you expect on a rugby social?