rugby angry

Playing rugby is one of the greatest feelings on earth, however we all have those mildly irritating things that drive us absolutely crazy, here are 17 of the worst…

1.The referee penalising you at the ruck despite the fact you remained on your feet and did not actually use your hands to win a turnover (for once)!

2.When you run the length of the pitch to score a glorious try only to have to sprint back to where you started from because you didn’t hear the referee’s whistle.

3.Standing there respectfully whilst the referee berates you, even though you know that you are in the right and they are completely wrong.

4.Getting into position on the field ready for kick-off only to realise you desperately need a p**s, but will now have to wait it out until half-time.

5.Trying to get a drink of water from every bottle your team owns during a break in play only to find they’re all sodding empty!

6.Being two points down with less than a minute on the clock but being completely unable to get near the ball as the opposition grind down the clock.

7.Slipping on a greasy surface whilst trying to make a break but still remaining on your feet, only to find you’ve now lost all forward momentum.


8.Finding a try scoring opportunity opening up for your side only for the referee to to blow up for an advantage you were about to exploit.

9.Standing in an offside position when the ball is kicked within touching distance of you but having to restrain yourself from immediately diving on it to avoid being penalised.

10.Playing at a club in the a**e end of nowhere on a pitch where you can’t see any of the bloody lines.

11.When whoever washed the kit last week didn’t let the shirts dry properly so you end up having to put on a damp smelly shirt, even though it would be the way five minutes into a game anyway.

12.The moment you realise you’re about to be driven over the touchline during a tackle and there’s absolutely sod all you can do about it.

13.When the ball hits you on the end of your fingers during a catch and makes it feel like someone has taken a sledgehammer to your hand.

14.Or even worse when you mistime a catch and the ball ends up flying through your hands only to hit you in the face causing you immeasurable shame and pain in equal measure.

15.Diving over the try line in dramatic fashion only to find it’s secretly a portal to Narnia as you disappear into a bog of s**t.


16.Finding yourself in acres of space but not being able to scream for the ball incase you alert your opponents to your advantageous position.

17.Showering after a game but being completely unable to find a clean spot on the floor on which to stand because of all the mud of players boots.

What other mildly annoying things irritate the hell out of you?