If you play rugby it’s likely that both you and your friends abide by at least some, if not all of these rules….

1.At absolutely every opportunity you must take the p**s out of your mates

2.You will always be absolutely honest with each other, no matter how brutal the truth may be

3.There is absolutely no cushioning of the blow, tell them exactly how it is

4.Nudity around one another is absolutely no problem at all

5.The standard medical advice to one another is ‘run it off’ or ‘get up and stop being a p***y’

6.All moments of glory have to be punctuated by reminding them of that time they cocked up

7.You are only to post pictures that will embarrass and humiliate your friend in every way possible

8.Co-ordinating fancy dress costumes is a must at every opportunity

9.You are privy to all sorts of sensitive information about their ‘love’ life

10.No matter how much you take the p**s you always have their back out on the field


11.If you are ever both involved in the scoring of a try, the celebrations will be far grander than the try itself

12.It is a given the pair of you will warm up together, but inevitably take the contact bits too far

13.No matter how well they’ve played, you’ll always nominate them for ‘d**k of the day’

14.Deep down you’ll always both know you have huge respect for each other

15.When they call on you (especially for rugby) all other plans instantly become null and void

16.Everything is a competition!

17.Other people need a translator to understand what you’re on about sometimes

18.There’s no better feeling than celebrating a victory together

19.You know more about them than even their own family does

20.Playing rugby together creates a bond that will last a lifetime

21.Inevitably all conversations end up eventually turning to rugby