Now obviously many of you are probably already playing regularly, however if you’re not, here are 11 epic reasons why you need to start playing rugby now…

1.To do epic shit

Who wants to tell their grandkids they sat and watched TV every Saturday afternoon when they’re 90? Rugby’s a great way of creating some epic stories that you can re-count for years.

2.To feel invincible

Ok maybe not quite invincible (you usually hurt like hell after a game) but for that moment when you make a huge hit or clear line break it will feel like nothing can stop you….apart from maybe that huge prop!

3.To hang with your friends

Rugby’s one of the finest sports in the world for developing long lasting friendships. Wherever you end up in the world you know there’s a community waiting for you down at your local rugby club.

4.The tours

They may only come along once a season, however nothing quite compares to the rugby tour. Just remember though, what goes on tour, stays on tour!


5.Stress relief

Life can get pretty stressful at times, and there aren’t many better ways to relieve a bit of that stress than battering the hell out of each other on a rugby field for 80 minutes.

6.Because why the hell not?

What the hell else are you going to do on a Saturday afternoon? Clean the house? Go shopping? Hell no! Get your arse down to the rugby club now or regret it forever.

7.To stop being a lazy ass

Outside of rugby most future and past players don’t do an awful lot of exercise. So get your lazy ass off the couch now and stop being such a fat b@$$7@£d!

8.For the sense of achievement

If you haven’t played in a while it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to end up running out at a World Cup anytime soon, however nothing quite beats the feeling of a victory, especially for the fourths!


9.Don’t miss out

If you’re contemplating playing rugby then it’s pretty likely at least some of your friends already play. Make sure you don’t miss out on those epic stories, get involved now!

10.To switch off from the world

When you’re out on the rugby field absolutely nothing else matters for those 80 minutes, so make the most of the opportunity to switch off for a while!

11.Because it’s rugby

Let’s face it, rugby is awesome! What other reason do you need to start playing (again)? Stop pussying around and just do it!

What other reasons are there for people to start playing rugby?