11 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Rugby in 2015


Now obviously many of you are probably already playing regularly, however if you’re not, here are 11 epic reasons why you need to start playing rugby now…

1.To do epic shit

Who wants to tell their grandkids they sat and watched TV every Saturday afternoon when they’re 90? Rugby’s a great way of creating some epic stories that you can re-count for years.

2.To feel invincible

Ok maybe not quite invincible (you usually hurt like hell after a game) but for that moment when you make a huge hit or clear line break it will feel like nothing can stop you….apart from maybe that huge prop!

3.To hang with your friends

Rugby’s one of the finest sports in the world for developing long lasting friendships. Wherever you end up in the world you know there’s a community waiting for you down at your local rugby club.

4.The tours

They may only come along once a season, however nothing quite compares to the rugby tour. Just remember though, what goes on tour, stays on tour!


5.Stress relief

Life can get pretty stressful at times, and there aren’t many better ways to relieve a bit of that stress than battering the hell out of each other on a rugby field for 80 minutes.

6.Because why the hell not?

What the hell else are you going to do on a Saturday afternoon? Clean the house? Go shopping? Hell no! Get your arse down to the rugby club now or regret it forever.

7.To stop being a lazy ass

Outside of rugby most future and past players don’t do an awful lot of exercise. So get your lazy ass off the couch now and stop being such a fat b@$$7@£d!

8.For the sense of achievement

If you haven’t played in a while it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to end up running out at a World Cup anytime soon, however nothing quite beats the feeling of a victory, especially for the fourths!


9.Don’t miss out

If you’re contemplating playing rugby then it’s pretty likely at least some of your friends already play. Make sure you don’t miss out on those epic stories, get involved now!

10.To switch off from the world

When you’re out on the rugby field absolutely nothing else matters for those 80 minutes, so make the most of the opportunity to switch off for a while!

11.Because it’s rugby

Let’s face it, rugby is awesome! What other reason do you need to start playing (again)? Stop pussying around and just do it!

What other reasons are there for people to start playing rugby?





  1. Nice list. Been contemplating giving rugby a go for the last few months but need someone to tell me if I’m crazy! Never played (touch rugby in middle school doesn’t really count!) after spending the last 12 years playing hockey, I’m now 30 and fancy a change and after being out of sport the last 6mths miss being part of a club. I’m an avid fan of rugby and watched it for years…but turning up for a training session when you’ve never been in a ruck (on the pitch!) is a whole different prospect. Am I too old? No chance/point in learning now? Stupid? etc. :S

    • Try it! You are never too old.

      • Thanks guys. Just the sort of feedback I was hoping for. Just daunting to try a new sport as I know how it was for guys that turned up for training at the hockey club who couldn’t hit a ball. It’s hard to build up the basic skills without jumping straight in the deep end.

        Little bit unfit after the last 6months of pondering so will get in the gym and then bite the bullet. I live just outside of Norwich so have a hatful of clubs to choose from…I’m just consious of asking people to tolerate me for months on end whilst I get the basics right but without a group of mates already playing to go down the park with and learn something then there’s no other way.

        I know my hockey club was very youth-orientated so if anyone knows clubs in my area that are happy to welcome old novices, that would be great.

        Thanks again for your help,

        • Hi Joel,

          It’s probably a bit far, but we’re about an hour away from you down the A11/A14. If you wanted to go along for a run-out and not feel intimidated, though, we’re in Cambridgeshire – you could always use it as a test to see if you took to it.

    • Joel,

      I’m 37 and started playing at 35, so no, you are definitely not too old. It takes a serious amount of balls to turn up to a training session surrounded by a bunch of lads younger, fitter and more experienced than you are, and then keep screwing up in training because you don’t know the rules and have no technique, especially if you go there on your own, clueless, and quietly cacking yourself.

      BUT… as per the above list, all of which is true and relates to my own experience, one of the key principles of rugby is respect, and no rugby club will hold you back or treat you badly. From the day I turned up at my local rugby club with a pair of boots and no idea, the lads were, to a tee, fantastic. Yes, I made mistake after mistake after mistake. My ball handling was rubbish, fitness dire, understanding of the rules and set plays dreadful. But people knew that, and most of them went out of their way to help me.

      On the back of that, I made my debut for the 2nd XV in November 2013 at the age of 36, and with each game I’ve played I’ve improved immeasurably. These days, I know how to ruck, know how a maul is formed, scrum with the best of them (I’m normally a flanker, but also the back-up hooker), and can pass and catch a ball better than I ever could as a kid or a young man. I’ve started every match in the 2014/15 season, and am truly absorbed by the sport, as well as much, much fitter than I used to be.

      More importantly, I’ve done some truly ‘epic shit’, and created a social life for myself in an area I moved to in my late 20s and, largely due to work pressures, never really had many mates before. I never really noticed as I was recently married and in the process of starting a family, but since I joined the club I’ve met some cracking, truly fabulous lads aged from 17 to 65, whose post-match beer company on a Saturday afternoon means the world to me. What’s more, I’m one of five guys in the team who didn’t pick up a ball until their Thirties, so you’re definitely not alone.

      Coming from a hockey club, you’ll probably be fit enough and strong enough to fit in fairly quickly. Where in the country are you, as even quite a few small towns have a club?

      Whatever you do, don’t (as I did) spend three years wondering whether to start playing rugby or not. Just bite the bullet, rock up at your local clubhouse on a Tuesday night with your boots and the right attitude, and you’ll open the door to a fantastic new life-affirming experience that is as addictive as it is rewarding.

      I can guarantee, too, that you’ll meet some cracking blokes and have some amazing laughs along the way. I wish I’d done what I did 18 years ago rather than 18 months ago, truth be told. Though walking into the clubhouse saying ‘I’m new and I haven’t a clue’ at the start of the 13/14 season was a properly difficult thing to do, I’ve got so much more out of it than I’ve ever put in.

      I sincerely hope you have the same experience, and if you’re based in the East of England, who knows? Maybe I’ll buy you a pint one afternoon as the gentlemanly thing to do after giving you a black eye…

      Good luck, and follow your heart.


  2. “Rugby’s a great way of creating some epic stories that you can re-count for years.”
    and some you’d better not.

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