sale dimes

Sale Director of Rugby Steve Diamond has denounced the Premiership salary cap claiming it has been a standing joke in the English game.

“I know what the salaries are for all the players, I know what the agents are touting the players at.

“I know what my players are being offered by other clubs. All it takes is three or four nut jobs to blow the salaries out of the window and it is carnage,” said Diamond.

“One would suggest that some clubs are spending £2m to £2.5m more than the cap – they’d have to be.”

Diamonds comments come after reports indicated both Saracens and Bath have breached the salary cap and are therefore now under investigation.


Whilst both clubs maintain their innocent, Diamond wants any side found to be in breach of it to be punished heavily.

“I wouldn’t say they’re ignoring the salary cap – they’re using creative accountancy to get around it – but it looks like one or two of them have been caught with their hand in the till,” said Diamond.

“If that’s what clubs choose to do it’s up to them but they’ve got to take the consequences. The consequences have got to be harsh, or else why have it?

“We can’t just hand out a five grand fine. There’s got to be a deterrent put in place.

“We should enforce it and the teams that suffer for it, if it’s proven, must take the consequence of their actions.

“What’s the saying? Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. That’s what they say in the streets where I live.”

As the old saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire. Whilst Dimes isn’t exactly known for his diplomacy, it’s hard to imagine he has pulled these figures out of thin air, and if true it is unbelievable some clubs are overspending by up to 50%.

If this is the case then Premier Rugby need to do everything in their power to immediately stamp out these practices and ensure that rugby doesn’t go down the same troubled route as football.

Do you think the league need to take a harder look at clubs spending to ensure clubs are remaining within the salary cap?