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Slim lines and sleek contours aren’t exactly the terms that come to mind when describing rugby players, but there will always be a universal need for these people to get around and have access to transport: something that’s common for many of us. However, when these hulky figures need to get around, what are the sorts of vehicles that they normally access? The answers might surprise you. Let’s take a look at the vehicles that rugby players actually drive.

Ford Ranger Limited

When it comes to vehicles for these gargantuan players, there are few options on British roads that satisfy the need for both versatility and size like the Ford Ranger Limited. This pickup truck is the personal choice of Leicester Tigers player and England Rugby Union star, Louis Deacon. Standing at 6’6” tall, he needs quite a bit of room to manoeuvre the cockpit and few vehicles actually offer this sort of ease of use for him. With the amount of payload (1,152 KG) and a load box that’s just over 1.5 metres long, there’s always enough room for him to haul his kit around and the kit of many of his teammates, too. In fact, the total weight of the 2013/14 Leicester Tigers’ kit weighs in at 4.1 tonnes, which would be accommodated by two Ford Ranger vehicles. It goes without saying that these are ideal choices for rugby players and come with the necessary endorsement to prove it.

Range Rover Evoque

Carrying on with the similar sorts of specifications offered by the Ford Ranger Limited, the Evoque is a SUV that seems far more compatible with the British road system – it certainly doesn’t stand out from the pack like the Ranger Limited, but does offer the ruggedness and interior space that rugby players need. However, it hasn’t made the best of news as of late. In fact, former head coach Martin Johnson, who now works as a media commentator and acts as a public speaker at many charitable events, was caught speeding in one of these vehicles and was ordered to appear in court. His reasons for speeding and reckless driving were unknown to the press, but he was ordered to pay fines that exceeded £800 and was otherwise fully compliant with the proceedings along with his dealings with local authorities.

Chevrolet Spark

While it seems unlikely that a compact car would make the list of rugby players, they are actually an economical choice a for single-player travel as the load capacity for hauling gear is substantial for a vehicle in this class. The Spark also has the added benefit of being within Group 1 insurance rankings, which are the cheapest in the United Kingdom and offer drivers some of the best possible monthly auto insurance cost for those manufactured within three years of starting a car insurance Toronto policy. They also hold their positions within insurance groups quite well, too, and tend to be favoured options by Plan Insurance who offer competitive rates for vehicles conforming to these standards.