If you play in the front row there’s a fair chance that you will recognise some, if not all of these signs…

1.You wake up the morning after a game and can barely move your neck

No matter how long you’ve been playing you never get used to the stiff neck


2.You’re more worried about scrummaging against the old guy than the huge guy

They may not be the biggest but years of experience have taught them how to kick your ass



3.When you say you play rugby, people instantly assume you’re a prop

It’s not that obvious is it?


4.You’ve never lost a downing contest

For some reason downing and scrummaging seem to go hand in hand

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5.Seeing a rain soaked field makes you smile

Because there’s no better conditions to play in than a total mud bath


6.Finding a shirt that fits is almost impossible

For some reason they are either huge or tiny, there is never a happy medium



7.You can’t understand coloured boots

That kind of thing should be reserved for Wendyball…


8.Formal attire is always a problem

How are you supposed to get your neck into that collar?


9.You can build a better relationship with your opposite number in 80 minutes than some teammates in years

That front row bond is hard to break


10.There’s nothing more infuriating than watching backs continually kick away possession

You want an 18 stone prop to go from scrumming to lifting in the line out and back again whilst you stand around with your hands on your hips?



11.Pre-Season is the worst

You want us to do what now?


What other signs are there that you play in the front row?