rugby wedding

If you’re married to or dating a rugby player it’s likely you’ll recognise some or all of these 13 signs…

1.Saturday’s are always a total write off

Whether it’s waiting for your partner to get back from playing, or sitting in front of the TV watching a game, when there’s rugby on you know you’re unlikely to be doing anything else.

2.You are constantly worried about being accused of domestic abuse

It seems every week your partner has some kind of new cut or bruise as a result of playing rugby, yet you’re worried people might think otherwise.

3.You’ve become a massage expert

Learning how to give a good massage to your partner after a game will earn you more brownie points than anything else ever could.


4.You’re pretty proud to tell people you’re married to a rugby player

There’s something quite empowering to tell friends, family or acquaintances that you’re married to a rugby player as you almost always get a positive reaction.

5.You find protein everywhere

Whether it be whey protein in the cupboards or chicken breasts in the freezer, wherever you look in the kitchen you will find some form of protein.

6.Mud doesn’t really bother you anymore

Eventually you find yourself accepting that no matter what you do mud will end up in the strangest of places so you learn to live with it.

7.You know not to ask what happened on last night’s rugby social

Despite trusting your partner inherently you know that it’s best not to enquire as to what kind of drunken debortuary occurred on last nights social.

8.Watching your partner play is a love/hate affair

You couldn’t be prouder watching your partner running out ready to play for their team but you can’t help but panic every time they take a hit.


9.You know all their teammates by name

You may not always be invited to rugby events but when you are everyone makes sure you feel welcome and a real part of the club.

10.Your car has got stuck on a field more than once

Inevitably at some point you have found you car bogged down in a muddy field after dropping your partner off in the arse end of nowhere.

11.There’s always a hoody round the house for you to throw on

Your partner will have multiple hoodies all in large sizes (no matter how big they are) so there is always something comfy for you to throw on around the house.

12.Results will dictate your plans

If your partner is on the receiving end of a defeat they’re unlikely to want to leave the house, whilst if they win you’ll be in for a great night.

13.You secretly love it all

Whilst you might complain from time to time, you secretly love that your partner plays rugby and wouldn’t change this for anything.

What other signs are there that you’re married to a rugby player?