Playing rugby has many benefits, but these seven life lessons it teaches you are possibly some of the most important…

1.Show Respect

Respect has all but vanished from everyday life, yet out on the rugby field it still remains as important as ever. Whether it be the referee, your team mate or your opposite number, rugby teaches you to show them respect without becoming a mindless lackey.

2.You’ve Got To Play Through The Pain

Much like in the rest of life, whining on the rugby field gets you nowhere. Rugby teaches players that the best way to deal with pain is to get straight back on your feet and try again. You’re sure as hell not going to learn your lesson if you keep getting pandered to over the slightest cut or bruise.

3.Life’s Better When You Stick Together

Rugby is one of the most team oriented sports in the world where the only way to win is to work together as a unit to overcome any obstacles put in your way. Rugby teaches you how to effectively work with others and that achieving your goals as part of a team is much more rewarding than doing so as an individual.

4.Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

The guys at Guinness were spot on with this quote. Rugby teaches you that if you spend the whole game running around trying to get involved you’re going to end up dead on your feet and become ineffective. Instead wait for the perfect opportunity to make your move and trust those around you to do their jobs.


5.The Little Things Are What Really Count

Whilst it may be the tries and big hits that take the headlines, anyone who has been around rugby for a whilst will know that these are mere window dressings. It is the disruptions at the ruck or the covering drift defence that win you games. Rugby helps you appreciate the little things in life that little bit more.

6.Life Doesn’t Come With A Safety Manual

In rugby players have little to no protection despite engaging in some of the most physical contests in the sporting world. Much like in life there is no cushion to protect you from heavy blows, instead you are reliant on your own resilience to get you through.

7.Passion & Commitment Are Everything

Anyone doing something in life, much like in rugby will never reach the best of their abilities unless they dive in with their heart and soul. As in life, with rugby if you make a run or attempt a tackle without fully committing you’re never going to come off as well as if you put everything into it.

What other life lessons has rugby taught you?