This is a lovely bit of action from the World Sevens Series last season, as young Portuguese player João Bello owned up to something that he could so easily have got away with. It’s a short clip but it’s worth seeing this display of great sportsmanship.

At 17-0 down against Fiji, Portugal needed every inch they could get to try to make it back into the game. They got their chance in the second half, as Fiji had a man yellow carded for throwing the ball away. In 7’s, playing against a team a man down is naturally a massive advantage.

South African referee Rasta Rasivhenge assumed it was one of the Fijians, but just as the innocent player was leaving the field – clearly unhappy but abiding to the refs instructions – 19 year old Bello stepped forward to explain to Rasivhenge that it was actually him who did it, not the Fijian player.

You can actually see that his instincts told him to try to get Rasivhenge’s attention straight away.

The referee apologised, and thanked Bello, who did this on his Sevens Series debut, with all the odds against his side who could have certainly benefited from playing seven vs six.

It’s a truly refreshing moment and one that is all too rare in the competitive world of professional sport these days. This is clearly a great example of what the values of rugby are all about.