France are set to appeal to World Rugby to never be refereed by Irishman George Clancy again according to French paper Midi Olympique.

Les Bleus are believed to be furious with the Irishman after losing to Argentina over the weekend. France have accused him of ignoring his assistant Steve Walsh and failing to product a yellow card despite a series of Argentine indiscretions.

The French also feel that Clancy’s failure to go back for a penalty advantage in the final seconds after Scott Spedding was held up over the line was an injustice.


This isn’t the first time France have complained about Clancy having already sent a similar request to the IRB last year after their Six Nations clash with Wales.

“We’d asked to never have him again, he shouldn’t have been refereeing us,” backs coach Patrice Lagisquet told the Midi Olympique.

“I hope we never see him again. That’s enough now, we’ve given enough.”

According to the report the coaching staff are planning to send a video to World Rugby’s head of referees Joël Jutge, explaining their problem with the official